Batnuni Lake, BC

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Batnuni Lake
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Batnuni Lake is a 9 km (5.5 mi) long lake that is reached by taking the Blackwater River Road northwest from Quesnel, in the North Cariboo region of British Columbia. It is third in a chain of lakes including Boat and Hanharn lakes and is located about 35 km (21 mi) past the junction of the Blackwater / Nazko roads. Total distance from Quesnel, BC,is about 161 km (100 mi).

Size Data not Available Shoal Data not Available
Mean Depth Data not Available Max. Depth Data not Available
Game Fish Rainbow, Kokanee, Dolly Varden, Lake Char Fish Stocked None
Angler Usage Low Elevation Data not Available
Ice Over November - May T.D.S. Data not Available

Resorts & Campsites: There is a Forest Service Campsite on the west side of Batnuni Lake that is reached over a rough 2 WD road. The small site, which can be used for camping or picnicking also has a gravel boat launch. Other accommodations and services are available. The area is used for fishing, hunting, camping and summer occupation.

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Fishing Report: The semi-wildemess Batnuni Lake sports good fishing for a variety of fish. The rainbow average around a pound with the occasional one over four pounds and are best caught by fly fishing around the island shallows. The plentiful kokanee, which average about a pound, are best taken on trolled lures or flasher strings and worms. The same gear can be used for the Dolly Varden. The lake char require deep trolling with medium sized plugs or large metal wobblers.

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Viewscape: The scenic rolling countryside is dotted with aspen groves. A number of small islands dot the lake.

Shoreline: Dense cover blankets most of the gentle to steep slopes surrounding the lake.

Nearby Lakes

Snag Lake: Snag Lake, located 4 km (2.48 mi) west of Hanham, is a small lake with steep banks. Try flyfishing for wild rainbows.

Hanham Lake: Hanham Lake is 3 km (1.86 mi) west of Boat Lake. Steep access to the lakeshore of Hanham makes it inconvenient for anything but light boats and canoes. There is a little used Forest Service campsite on the east end of the lake.

Boat Lake: Boat Lake is located 2.5 km (1.55mi) west of Titetown Lake on the road to Batnuni. Wild rainbows and Dolly Varden to a couple of pounds. Boat Lake offers a Forest Service campsite and boat launch.

Titetown Lake: Titetown Lake is located about 24 km (14.88 mi) west of the Nazko-Euchiniko road junction, and offers anglers an opportunity to fish for wild stock rainbows and Dolly Varden. There is a recreation site on the east end of this long lake.

Pelican Lake: Pelican Lake is located 10 km (6.2 mi) west of the Nazko-Euchiniko road junction, watch for the forest access road that leads north for 4 km (2.48 mi) to the Pelican Lake recreation site. Despite it's heavy summer time use, Pelican continues to provide good fishing for wild rainbows.

Note: Always check your current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new lake.

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Batnuni Lake, BC