Dog Sledding in British Columbia - index

Dog Sledding in British Columbia - index
British Columbia Adventure Network
In British Columbia:

dog sleddingsmall dogBritish Columbia winters bring out the true adventurer. There are many places to visit and explore; it's an excellent time to enjoy the snow covered silent backcountry. Sparkling snow blankets the county side, the blue sky reaches down to touch you and the distant mountains appear a hazy purple-gray in colour. The air is crisp, clean and so refreshing. Remote areas can be reached by cross-country and telemark skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing and of course dog sledding.

dog sleddingDog sledding is quickly gaining popularity, in part because this type of transportation fun does not create air or noise pollution. Imagine yourself in a comfortable sled as a team of dogs takes you gliding silently over hill and dale. Miles of snow covered rolling hills and treed meadows make for hours of enjoyable dog sledding. The various regions offer different types of terrain, so every trail is new and exciting. Through out the province there are numerous dog sled operators offering rides by the hour, day and over-night camping adventure packages. It's time to discover the picturesque beauty of winter in British Columbia and the fun of dog sledding.

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Dog Sledding in British Columbia - index