Whale Watching Etiquette in British Columbia, Canada

Whale Watching in British Columbia, Canada

BC Whale Watching Etiquette

Scientists, naturalists and whale experts say that whale watching does not appear to bother these sea faring mammals, providing it is done responsibly.

Grey Whale

Most of the commercial whale watching operators follow the National Marine Fisheries Service whale-watching guidelines. They are as follow:

  • Never operate vessels at speeds faster than the whales while travelling parallel within 100 yards.
  • Operate vessels at a constant speed while paralleling or following whales within 100 yards.
  • Vessels should never cause the whale to change directions.
  • Aircraft should not fly lower than 1,000 feet and stay 100 yards from the whale.

Never interrupt the usual behavior of the whales. Do not cause them to change direction rapidly, to swim faster, or to swim erratically. Boats should not approach whales directly from the front or chase them from behind. Hindering a whale's normal activities is harassment and against the law. Please use common sense when out whale watching. Let us all do our part to protect the whales and other sea creatures. Protection and conservation will help to insure that these majestic mammals remain with us, so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren can enjoy them.

BC Whale Watching Companies: Tours & Charters

Vancouver Island
Eagle Wing Whale Watching: Guided Whale Watching Tours & Wildlife Viewing.Trip Advisor's top-rated whale-watching experience in Victoria since 2007. Killer whales, Grey, Minke and Humpback whales, seals, sea lions & porpoise. As industry leaders, they go the extra mile (or 50!) to give... more
Spirit of the West Adventures: We offer sea kayaking tours to the Johnstone Strait & the largest pods of killer whales on the BC coast – Desolation Sound, Quadra Island, & Campbell River - & guided excursions to explore ancient native villages. Set a course for a one of a kind wilderness... more

Whale Watching Adventures in British Columbia

The coastline of Canada's most western province, is a maze of straits, sounds, and fjords, hundreds of islands and inlets. Scenery is unsurpassed, as the blue ocean meets the green forests covering the mountains, which reach for the sky. Because much of this coast is uninhabited and accessible only by boat or floatplane . . . it remains a pristine wilderness. The rich and nutrient filled waters are home to a great variety of marine wildlife.

BC Whale Watching Information:

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Whale Watching Etiquette in British Columbia, Canada