Bone Fish of the North....The Kamloops Trout - Page 3

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Bone Fish of the North....
The Kamloops Trout-Page 3

article and photos by Gordon Honey

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Both trout and bones are subject to sudden water temperature changes and barometric ups and downs. Moon phases also continue the parallel as both species are impacted and can be active at night during a full moon.

Tackle and Technique:

Similarities are floating and intermediate lines. We use floating lines as frequently as possible not just for dryflies but when nymphing or fishing leeches on the shoals. To accomplish this we simply extend our leaders sometimes to 25', just as bone fisherman do when angling in skinny water.

S.A. (Scientific Angler) introduced their stillwater line a few years back a clear lines that came from the slime line of saltwater, this has become an important line in our fresh water repertoire. In lake trout fishing we use rod and line weights, from 4 to 7 dependent on the potential size of the quarry. A 4 weight system is vary unfair to trout in and above the three pound class in that you cannot apply enough pressure for a healthy release. I found that a 7 weight was too light for bones in or above the three pound class but 8 or 9 weight handled everything else rather nicely.

The retrieves are relatively similar, the bone retrieve being considerable faster, but no matter trout or bones the retrieve is critical and the resulting movement or presentation of the fly is what entices them to eat.

Trout in deeper water 12' to 15' can be fished similar to fishing a muds, blind casting with heavier flies or intermediate lines the take in this circumstance is the only time a bone take is like a Trout, an obvious and sometimes vicious grab, probably caused by a level of competition when you have a lot of fish competing for food.


Both species are very visual in that you can sight fish them in perfect conditions, in rippled water or tannic water with a limited visibility you find nervous water on our lakes. Trout don't tail but will give themselves away by rolling therefore maintaining your ability to sight fish. In the Bahamas we saw a lot of nervous water and a lot of what I called hysterical water - very, very spooky bones.

The majority of lake angling for trout is done from boats, wading is available only in a minority of water due to the mucky marl bottom. We do stalk fish in float tubes or pontoon boats this in some small way parallels flat wadding as we are actually stalking or chasing a moving fish.

Fighting Abilities:

Here I must confess the thread becomes very thin and breaks, the bone pound for pound is truly the super beast. The Kamloops trout without a doubt is the strongest of all trout species and can pull with an attitude but does not compare with the absolute incredible power of a bone. Our Kamloops trout does however jump and with authority and will tail walk as your backing disappears from your reel, larger Trout are very capable of spooling you

In conclusion, if you have had the opportunity to angle for both of these gorgeous fish you are truly blessed. Kamloops trout and bone fish, two superior quarries we pursue with a fly rod and bits of feathers and synthetics. I hope you agree with me that these similarities are not happenstance but are truly threads that result in a tapestry of quality unequaled in flyrodding!

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Gordon Honey

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Bone Fish of the North....The Kamloops Trout - Page 3