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Babine Lake
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Location: Babine is a huge lake, and can be accessed by many routes. From the town of Burns Lake, head north on the Babine Road off Hwy. #16.

From the community of Topley (west of Burns Lake) head north on the Granisle Hwy. off Hwy. #16. This road will take you to the community of Topley Landing situated on the west side of Babine Lake. By following this road further north along the lake you will arrive at the community of Granisle. Granisle can be more easily reached by travelling north from Houston.

Babine Lake can also be reached from the town of Smithers by taking the Babine Lake Road and various connecting roads, northeast to the communities of Smithers Landing and Fort Babine, all of which are located on the lake. For precise road directions, ask at the info. centers, sporting goods stores, local fisheries, and Forestry offices located in the communities along Hwy. #16.

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Resorts & Campsites: Full services, accommodations, resorts and campsites can be found along the west side of the lake.

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Fishing Report: This legendary lake contains large Rainbows to 12+ lbs., Cutthroat to 2-1/2 lbs. and Lake Char that are capable of reaching 35 lbs.

At first glance, this 200 km. (124 mi.) long lake may seem just too big to fish, however fishing, especially fly fishing is fabulous in certain areas. The reason for such great fishing action is simple: Sockeye salmon. By the tens of thousands, these sockeye come home in the fall to spawn in the creeks that feed into Babine Lake.

During the spring months of April through early June, small Sockeye fry leave their creeks and gather in large schools off the creek mouths. It is during this time that they become easy prey for the large Rainbow trout. Young sockeye will remain in the lake for 2 years, so about the same time the young fry move into the lake from the creeks, 2 year old smolts start to make their way to the north end of the lake, eventually entering Babine River and thus beginning their voyage to the Pacific Ocean via the Babine and Skeena Rivers.

Rainbows focus their attention on the new fry at the creek mouths, and then as the smolts start their ocean migration, the large trout follow feeding along the way. Where Babine Lake joins into Nilkitkwa Lake (which actually narrows into Babine River) is a legendary stretch of water referred to as "Rainbow Alley". Here is where some of the very best fly fishing for large Rainbow can be found, not only in B.C., but anywhere in the world!

Also, a third component of the Babine Rainbow's diet comes into play. While it's the fry that starts the Rainbow feeding cycle in early spring, and the 2 year old smolts that the trout follow throughout the summer months to Rainbow Alley and Nilkitkwa Lake, it's the abundant aquatic insects, which includes such notables as mayflies, caddis flies and two varieties of Stoneflies (Golden-P. perlidae and a green P. chloroperlidae) which attracts the Rainbows attention on into the fall. When they start to feed on these fluttering Stoneflies, dry fly fishing can be undescribable. This type of fishing is absolutely thrilling and should be experienced at least once during your lifetime.

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Note: Always check your current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new lake.


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Babine Lake